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Learn Conjunct Consonant ( Lesson 5)



So far you learnt how a vowel is combined with a consonant.

Some words in Hindi have two consonant combined- the first consonant is written incompletely and joined with the 2nd consonant.

Example: If two k are combined:


Another way of joining the two consonants is to add a stroke under the first letter.


Both are correct but keep in mind the first method since that is the common one.

There are two kind of consonant in Hindi:

1. have a vertical line in the end like:

k   K   ga   Ga   ca   ja   Ja   Ha   Na   t   
qa Qa na p f ba Ba ma ya la
va Sa Ya sa xa ~ &

2. those which don't have a vertical line:

C   T    z    D   Z    d   r    h 

When in a conjunct consonant the first letter has a vertical line, then you drop the vertical line in the first letter. For example:

ga + va = gva

ca + C = cC

And so on---

k and Ja have a vertical line but they have a hook at the end, when combining them with another consonanat, the hook is left midway so that it may be joined with the second letter.

k + k = @k

k + va = @va

Ja + Ja = Ja 

T; z; D and d can't be combined in either way. They are,
therefore, joined to another consonant by adding a
stroke under the first letter:
T + T = T\T Also it can be written as
T + z = T\z Also it can be written as
And so on---

Joining r to another consonant has a different forms:
karma act, action
krama order, sequence

In the first example, karma, ra comes before the last letter ma, and appears in the form of a hook( - ) on the top of the letter which follows it.

In the second example, krama, ra is joined to the first consonant ka, and is in the form of a stroke ( `) under it.

In the 3rd example, , ra and i are joined to ka. If ra is combined with i in a conjunct, it is symbolised as R added under the consonant to which it is joined.



A vowel is pronounced alone but a vowel sign (Matra) is pronounced together with a consonant. Each vowel is represented by its sign (matra)




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